Manage, train and apply your preflop ranges
Build or import preflop strategy in Editor, learn it with Trainer, apply in game using Viewer. All you need is your browser.


  • Unlimited folders & ranges
  • 2 colors for cells
  • Import from Flopzilla, Equilab
  • Range Trainer
  • Range Viewer
  • Export & Sharing ranges
  • Shortdeck support
Pro -45%
$4.95 / m$59.4
  • Unlimited folders & ranges
  • Unlimited colors for cells
  • Assigning weights for hands
  • Import from Flopzilla, Equilab, Pio, HRC and more
  • Range Trainer
  • Range Viewer with custom layout and settings
  • Randomizer
  • Export all ranges by 1 click
  • Sharing ranges
  • Shortdeck support

Manage your ranges

Design your strategy in the most smooth, intuitive, and powerful range builder in the market. Create any folder configuration considering all needed parameters (positions, stack sizes, action, etc.)

Learn and apply your strategy

Use our Trainer to practice ranges and memorize your strategy. There are two modes for efficient learning:
  • Classic: make decisions at the table like in a real game;
  • Range-drawing: try to reproduce your ranges and check the accuracy of your answers.

Other features

Quick Share
Generate a link to any range in 1 click. Easily share on messengers or forums by pasting the link.
Configuration Export/Import
Export your strategy and share it with your friends, study group, or poker community in general. Import strategy from your coach or friend.
Short Deck support
SixPlus Holdem ranges are fully supported. Select the format when creating a range, and the app will remember your choice.
Dark/Light theme
Switch between themes in the user menu. Both themes are designed with eye-friendly colors to reduce eye strain.


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