Manage and apply your poker ranges easily
Nail the Preflop in two steps
Freebetrange range builder
Build ranges for every spot
Use an intuitive and powerful Editor to create optimal preflop ranges for various game scenarios.
Freebetrange preflop chart
Use dynamic Range Viewer
When you start a session, open Viewer page and see a functional preflop chart with your pre-created ranges.
Use on any device
FreeBetRange is optimized for PC, tablets, and phones. Quick tip: open Viewer page from your phone when you start a session. All your ranges will be at hand without taking up any screen space.
Solid preflop → High EV
High-quality preflop strategy is one of the most important aspects of a successful regular. With a structured set of ranges and dynamic charts, you will gain an advantage over your opponents and improve the quality of your decisions on subsequent streets.
  • Unlimited folders & ranges
  • 2 colors for cells
  • Dynamic range viewer
  • Import from Flopzilla, Equilab
  • Export & Sharing ranges
For more information, check out the user manual
What is FreeBetRange?
FreeBetRange is online poker software for working with preflop ranges. It allows you to manage your preflop strategy and see pre-created hand charts during the game in a convenient form.
Why use poker hand charts?
There are a lot of possible game scenarios in poker. To make the game more structured and conscious, players usually create preflop range charts. They allow you to understand what exact hands and what way you're supposed to play in a particular spot.
Why preflop charts are important even if you're experienced player?
You may think that poker charts are for beginners only. But it's not true. Even professional players use preflop charts to keep their ranges in mind while playing. Of course, we need to exploit our opponents and deviate from the standard strategy from time to time. But it should also be the base that we will deviate from. Otherwise, our ranges may become completely random. And it'll be difficult to estimate our equity and quality of our decisions.
I adjust my preflop ranges for a specific situation and opponents. Do I still need FreeBetRange?
Certainly, FreeBetRange will still be useful for you. You can use different colors and weights in Editor to create complex ranges depending on different hand parameters. Let's consider Open Raise MP stat as an example. You may use one color for the hands that you'll always open and another for the hands that you'll open only if there is a fish on SB or BB. You can also use other colors to highlight the hands that you'll defend to 3Bet against different players.
Open raise hand chart
Is it allowed to use FreeBetRange while playing?
FreeBetRange is not a classic poker software that poker rooms may track. It's just a tab in your web browser. Poker rooms cannot prohibit using browsers. So using FreeBetRange while grinding is technically the same as using Excel, screenshots, or printouts on your desk. But much more convenient.
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